Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Longboarding - Longboards - Statement!!!!!!

I just have get this straight.. My whole take on skateboards, skateboarding,
skating, longboards, longboarding, etc...
It's acceptable to say, I'm going to grab my longboard an go skate..
It's unacceptable to say, I'm going to go longboarding on my longboard...
I hear too much talk on online forums (names withheld) about people
talking about longboarding vs skateboarding. It's all skateboarding..
Longboarding doesn't exist in my view.. Skateboarding does..
A longboard is just a long skateboard, ususally anthing over
about 36" is considered a longboard..
But, in my opinion a mini, say 22" or 27" long can be considered
a longboard as well, if it's designed setup to turn, and carve....
There are styles of riding that are mainly done on a longboard,
ie.. dancing, cross stepping, boardwalking etc...
But it's all skateboarding...
I think putting labels on everything and dividing things up in
categories can be a negative thing when it comes to skating..
It's all skating, and it's done using skateboards, whether they
be short or long, whether it street or downhill racing, slalom or
freeride, vert or freestyle, it's all skating.........
Division among skaters is senseless, we are skaters,
let's skate...
Longboards = OK
Longboarding = Not OK


  1. I like to distinguish these two for legal purposes. It is currently illegal to "Skateboard" downtown. I argue that intent is different between going out and "longboarding" as opposed to going out and "skateboarding." Just my take on things. If it wasn't illegal to skateboard, I would really care. I blame big brother.

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