Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Longboarding - Longboards - Statement!!!!!!

I just have get this straight.. My whole take on skateboards, skateboarding,
skating, longboards, longboarding, etc...
It's acceptable to say, I'm going to grab my longboard an go skate..
It's unacceptable to say, I'm going to go longboarding on my longboard...
I hear too much talk on online forums (names withheld) about people
talking about longboarding vs skateboarding. It's all skateboarding..
Longboarding doesn't exist in my view.. Skateboarding does..
A longboard is just a long skateboard, ususally anthing over
about 36" is considered a longboard..
But, in my opinion a mini, say 22" or 27" long can be considered
a longboard as well, if it's designed setup to turn, and carve....
There are styles of riding that are mainly done on a longboard,
ie.. dancing, cross stepping, boardwalking etc...
But it's all skateboarding...
I think putting labels on everything and dividing things up in
categories can be a negative thing when it comes to skating..
It's all skating, and it's done using skateboards, whether they
be short or long, whether it street or downhill racing, slalom or
freeride, vert or freestyle, it's all skating.........
Division among skaters is senseless, we are skaters,
let's skate...
Longboards = OK
Longboarding = Not OK

Friday, December 11, 2009

Viva La Costa Reunion 12/05/09

Last Saturday was the Viva La Costa Reunion. An amazing
day filled with skating slalom, food, libation, and a large
handful of some of the most infuential skaters in history.
These were the people who helped to shape what skateboarding
would later become. I shot many photos, and am still processing
them, but many are now up on the web for your viewing pleasure.
The Galac Land Surfing PIC Member La Costa Gallery:

Tiger Williams with Special Turner Board

This is a very sort video I shot last year at Pump Station
in Poway, CA during one fo the GS races there.
Tiger Williams was kind enough to pull out this one of a
kind Turner board of his. This board has the ashes of
Legnedary skateboard maker Bob Turner embedded
in the epoxy on the bottom of the deck. Thanks to Tiger
for letting us in on another pieces of skateboarding history.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chris Yandall Surfing Texas

A little video by Kelly Francis of Chris Yandall
during his recent pilgramge to Texas. Here he is
carving up a sweet hill on his POD with Galacized
Bennetts. This place looks almost surreal..


Saturday, October 24, 2009

Check out Land Paddling Online Magazine

There is a new site out there to check out. It's a site dedicated
to Land Paddling,
or (SUPSB)Stand up paddle skateboarding..
Primarily the result of owning a Kahuna
Creations Big Stick..
This site looks like
it's off to a good start and looks like it will
grow to be an online mecca for
Big Stick user/owner...
2 big thumbs up
to Steve adams for getting this ball rolling.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chris Yandall Sidewalk Surfing in PB

This was shot by *R of the Silverfish Channel the
other day. It's more footage of Chris Yandall on
his POD cruising the sidewalks and streets of PB
on his POD.. Some cool footage of old school style
sidewalk surfing, something that POD has deep
in it's blood... It's a natural sidewalk surfing
mini.. The Galacized Bennetts make this little
board so much fun it's unreal.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chris Yandall in NYC on his Galac POD 22

11/11/09: Chris Yandall sent me a link to a video shot
today of him in Prospect Park, riding his POD 22.
It's a short little video 01:24 long, showing Yandall
shredding some asphalt on his tiny little Galac POD
board.. Yandall's skating continues to defy logic and